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Sky Garden Building
ID# 700427
District 7
Bedroom: Studio
Pets Allowed
Elevator: Yes

Sky Garden III is a part of the entire Sky Garden project (including three stages I, II and III) with a scale like a small city with 42 blocks, built on the land of 10.4 ha with over 3.100 apartments. Together with a modern structure harmonizes with the living environment that is planned synchronously; Sky Garden project emphasizes the pureness, coolness and green of a civilized city and a humane community

Sky Garden III side area: 4.27ha
Land for construction: 26.494m2
Total construction area: 234.739m2
Number of shop: 56 (Ground floor: 23; 2nd floor: 33)
Number of flat: 1.630
Number of penthouse: 85
Total: 1.771

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